History of The Brand

The name WAHL-EVERSHARP is a proud one in the history of writing instruments. EVERSHARP, the inventor and first successful mass marketer of the mechanical pencil, goes back to 1915. WAHL was the brand name given to some of the finest fountain pens ever made and goes back to 1917. The hyphenated name WAHL-EVERSHARP first appeared on some of the finest “golden era” fountain pens in 1929. The Deco Band, the Doric and the Skyline fountain pens of the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s were among the most successful fountain pens and mechanical pencils ever made.

So competitive was the playing field of pen manufacturers in the “golden era” that new designs, new materials, and new colors were in perpetual development. Producing the best fountain pens, like many other consumer goods in the early to mid 20th century saw the involvement of notable industrial designers such as Lowey and Dreyfus. The makers of WAHL-EVERSHARP pens employed both men in the 1940’s. Mr. Dreyfus is responsible for the design of the world famous SKYLINE pens.

The race to produce a reliable ballpoint pen in the mid to late 1940’s was a costly experience for Eversharp, which poured millions into their own effort to create and market their own line of ballpoint pens. After producing both the CA pen and the ballpoint pen, the company was plagued with warranty repair costs on the pens they sold. Add to that the cost of litigation over an alleged patent infringement against the Reynolds pen company, and you have the ingredients for financial disaster. So great was the impact of this downturn, that the company was eventually sold to the Parker Pen Company where the Wahl-Eversharp brand languished in the role of a lower tier brand under the Parker banner. Parker sold the Eversharp company to a successor who in turn sold it to another, where it existed virtually in name only for almost 50 years until being revived by the owners of the Wahl-Eversharp Company who today bring you the pens contained in this website.

Many authorities consider the design of the SKYLINE Pen to be among the timeless icons of the 20th Century. Collectors and writers still seek out the surviving examples of this pen today, 66 years after production ceased. Time has taken its toll on these survivors in the form of brittle plastic, and the unpredictable ink containing characteristics of the rubber sac pen.

Now The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company answers the desire for the classic retro look of the WAHL-EVERSHARP SKYLINE Fountain Pen, in a pen constructed of modern materials and incorporating a reliable, modern filling and ink handling system.

Patent for Skyline