Product Warranty, Repairs & Returns

All WAHL-EVERSHARP products purchased after February 14, 2013 have been manufactured in our factory with the greatest care and controls at all stages of production. For the comfort of our customers, we back our products with a Warranty, Liberal Return policy, and reasonably priced Repair Services.


All WAHL-EVERSHARP pens purchased after the date above are conditionally warranted to the original purchaser to be free of manufacturing defects. Should a manufacturing defect be discovered within one year from original date of purchase by the original owner, we will issue a Warranty Repair Authorization number for you to use when sending your warranty repair pen to us. Pens received without a Warranty Repair Authorization will be returned to the sender without repair. Upon receipt of the pen with its Warranty Repair Authorization number, at our discretion, we will repair or replace the pen and return it to the sender free of cost. We will not reimburse or cover the cost of sending the pen to be repaired to us.


If your pen requires repair not related to a manufacturing defect, WAHL-EVERSHARP will repair the pen for a flat fee of $49.95 (exclusive of inbound postage and the repair of nibs which will be quoted separately at time of repair). A Repair Authorization including a Repair Authorization Number issued by WAHL-EVERSHARP must accompany all qualifying products. To obtain the authorization and authorization number, please email or write to:

4739 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite H101
Phone: 480-426-2648

Products received without a Warranty Repair Authorization Number may be returned to sender without warranty services being performed.


WAHL-EVERSHARP products are “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

We are confident that new owners of the new WAHL-EVERSHARP products will be so pleased that they will have no need to take advantage of our return policy, but in case they do, every WAHL-EVERSHARP product sold may be returned for a full refund (not including return shipping costs) by the original purchaser if not completely satisfied. To qualify, notice of the return must be delivered to WAHL-EVERSHARP and the product must be mailed within seven (7) calendar days of receipt and be received by WAHL-EVERSHARP at its offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.

All pens purchased from or through an Authorized WAHL-EVERHARP retail dealer must be returned to the dealer or reseller from whom the pen was purchased. Although we have made arrangements to support such returns with the Authorized Dealers and Resellers, returns made to them are subject to their own return policies over which The WAHL-EVERHARP Company has no control.